Wolf at the Door by My Woolly Hat… COMING VERY SOON!



We are a trio of musicians from Dublin City, Ireland, who have been making music together for about a year.

We have been musicians all our lives.

We make acoustic/folk music with an electronic twist and we put a strong emphasis on harmonies and melody.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, please explore our site where you will find plenty to enjoy.

What you’ll find here

The website is divided into a few different areas;

Music: Instrumentals and Songs [>>]

Art: Original paintings and digital art [>>]

Blog: Posts on everything from Art to Music to Technology to Film [>>]



This website originally launched in 2000.

From that point of view, My Woolly Hat were one of the first bands in Ireland to release music exclusively online.


Dit Daah Dit

Tomorrow’s World from 1969, where a chap speaks in morse code to a computer which subsequently types it out. He also manages to get the computer to make a telephone call. Very primitive version of Siri, these guys must have felt like they had brains the size of planets.