Sleep Deprivation

I had a discussion recently with my daughters about the importance of sleep. The brain moves memories to long term, or discards them as it sees fit, during sleep. Without sufficient sleep the brain may discard memories incorrectly or it might file memories in long term that need to be retrieved more quickly. Getting sufficient sleep reduces these risks.

Here’s an interesting video on the topic. 

Thank You!

We wanted to thank all local radio stations who have supported the release of our album, ‘Wolf at the Door’. 

Particularly, we are very grateful to Roddie Cleere.

In addition, we want to thank KCLR, WLR FM and Galway Bay FM for their continued airplay and support of the release.

We couldn’t do it without you, and thank you!!

Dit Daah Dit

Tomorrow’s World from 1969, where a chap speaks in morse code to a computer which subsequently types it out.

He also manages to get the computer to make a telephone call.

Very primitive version of Siri, these guys must have felt like they had brains the size of planets.